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  1. Alice
    02/25/2022 @ 2:41 PM

    First off, it was great hearing your quick recap of Gally. I came over here from Joy Piedmont’s twitter. I was so excited that Jo Martin was one of our first guests after the absence of Gally. I completely agree with you on the topic of moderation and good moderation. Matthew Sweet, as he said himself, has more often been a panelist or an attendee and while his interviews were quite good, his control of audience questions was very loose. There has been room for audience questions in the past and the moderator has definitely been the one to wrangle bad or overly long questions. I also saw this on the Segun Akinola panel where the panelist moderating didn’t seem very experienced at doing a panel and one audience member was able to speak for an overly long period of time. But otherwise, the small, closely-knit feel of Gally was amazing to come back to and the guests top tier. BTW, that guy on twitter saying the Fugitive Doctor isn’t a major character seems to have a lot of hate in his heart, so I think his opinion can be safely ignored in this case.


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