Black TARDIS began as a passion project by two Black Woman Whovians, Elle & Nicole. We conceived it as a community for Black fans and other fans of color. Our goal was to a. create a place for us to engage with others who felt alienated and unwelcome in the fandom at large. b. have honest discussions about the treatment of Black companions by the show and its fans. c. provide a space where we could discuss issues in the show and the fandom specific to our identities. And d. offer non-white/cis/hetero fans an open forum to talk their shit without being gaslighted.  Basically, we wanted a fun and welcoming environment where fans would feel seen and validated.

We’d built and began to cultivate our community, but later realized we lacked the time and resources necessary to maintain it. We also lost interest in the show to varying degrees. And because we lacked the emotional investment to put in the effort it deserved, we decided to shut it down.

Eventually, with Elle’s blessing, I took sole ownership. Black TARDIS is now maintained by me, Nicole, and written from my personal perspective. I explore the show and share in my experience though live-blogs and live-tweets. In addition to opining on Twitter and professing my love for Martha Jones, I share articles, podcasts, and other works by Whovians of Color.

Though it has deviated from the original plan, the core of Black TARDIS remains. This is a space where we demand more from the show in its treatment of non-white/cis/hetero characters and where we support and uplift fans who share in those identities and want to feel accurately represented in a show we all love.

Black TARDIS is a Doctor Who blog by a Black, queer, woman for her and other non-white/cis/hetero fans.


  • No Martha Jones defamation.
  • No Mickey Smith defamation.
  • No Danny Pink1 defamation.
  • No Bill Potts defamation.
  • No Ryan Sinclair defamation.
  • No Yasmin Khan defamation.

We Stan:

  • Francine + Tish Jones
  • The Hostess (S4E8 ‘Midnight’)
  • Grace O’Brien
  • Najia Khan + Umbreen

1 Some shit-talk allowed, but none of that “he didn’t deserve Clara” nonsense.