Things We Did: THAT

On Saturday, June 6, 2020 we participated in #DoctorWhoBlackout an alternative #DoctorWhoLockdown live-tweet event that centered on fun episodes featuring Black companions. In addition, we used the event to raise awareness for organizations supporting Black Lives Matter and other community initiatives that benefit Black people.

Over the course of four episodes, and four hours, Whovians donated over $2700 to 95 organizations!

Friends Rachel, Shannon, Tom, Michelle, and Joy compiled a list of organizations and resources that were shared during #DoctorWhoBlackout. You can learn more and donate (continue using the tag) by visiting the link below.

#DoctorWhoBlackout Orgs & Resources
#DoctorWhoBlackout Organization and Resources

Our live-tweet was about coming together around episodes of Doctor Who that could be enjoyable for everyone. Raising awareness (and funds) for organizations that benefit Black Lives Matter was a beautiful added benefit. Whether or not you agreed with or participated in #DoctorWhoBlackout the important thing is we, as a fandom and community, came together to uplift and support Black Whovians and Black people.

Thank you for tweeting along. Thank you for raising awareness and amplifying organizations. Thank you for donating. Thank you for making #DoctorWhoBlackout a fun and meaningful event!

I want to thank the following, again, for making this all happen: Joy, Robyn, Tai, Katelyn, Brenna, and Black Girls Create. And special thanks to the following for gathering these resources, and being rockstars: Rachel, Shannon, Tom, Michelle, and Joy. I also want to thank Sarah Dollard for participating, donating, and sharing BTS info with us!