Author: Nicole♥

I tried to like season 8

I recently put up a poll on Twitter asking what people thought about season 8 quasi-companion Danny Pink.

Much to my genuine surprise, the majority of voters like him. Those results and the arguments made on his behalf convinced me to start my #12Rewatch. I wanted to see if being a few years removed from the season would change my feelings on him. In short, it did not.

I came into my rewatch with mostly positive feelings about the season itself. I liked season 8, even though I didn’t necessarily like Clara or Danny. I can say now with the benefit of hindsight that a lot of that was due to how much I despised seasons 6 & 7. Season 6 was awful for me and season 7 was a mess. Season 8 probably felt consistent then, but really it is just boring.

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I’m going to Gally1!

I’m not sure why I’ve been so quiet on the subject, but this will be my first year attending Gallifrey One! As long as I’ve been a fan of Who I’ve wanted to go to Gally, but I’d never been able to make it work. Last year, I joined the Black Girls Create community where I met many other WOC nerds and Whovians like myself. There, I was introduced to Joy, who made it possible for me to go. ☺️

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I just want to thank you.

I’ve found a small and ever growing community of followers and friends on Twitter. It’s been fun and interesting, and somewhat surreal to share my thoughts and have people relate to and respond to them. I’ve felt warmly welcomed among other Doctor Who fan-creators.  The amazing women behind Black Girls Create and TARBIS have been incredibly accepting and awesome. Joy has been so supportive and helpful. I am finding new people all the time to share in my Doctor Who love and frustration.

I enjoy all of our conversations. I love reading your stories, listening to your suggestions, and debating on which Doctor is Most Dramatic (Ten). I appreciate everyone who takes the time to answer my questions, and I see every like, reply, and retweet. I’m especially happy when y’all find me and immediately jump into the threads, dropping gifs, making jokes and reminding me that there are people who just get it.

I’ve never really thought that my opinion or my voice was valued, so it means a lot that there are people who find something worthwhile in what I have to say. Thank you! I hope I can continue to do what I love — watch TV and tweet — and build an even larger community of diverse Whovians who bring their unique intersections of identity and experience to our shared appreciation of the show.

Considering Critical Whovian

On May 12, 2013 I created a blog on Tumblr called Critical Whovian which, as its title suggests, is entirely dedicated to criticizing Doctor Who. As of this writing, it is still live, but I have been debating on whether to delete it. That blog was born out of my deep disappointment with the show post season 4 and is largely full of ire toward Steven Moffat. That said, I feel like it captured in real-time my growing frustration with the direction the show had gone.

I haven’t engaged with it much recently, but I find some value in the opinions I expressed there. I’ve considered republishing some of those posts here because they still feel true and relevant. My only hesitation is that I had a tendency toward antagonism. And though I actively avoided making personal attacks, I understand that some people still felt attacked. Frankly, I could be an asshole. Read more

A Regeneration

Welcome to the new Black TARDIS. What started years ago as an (overly) ambitious idea to create an entire community for Black/POC Doctor Who fans is now a personal project run by me, Nicole. Like the Doctor, it has had many iterations. And like the Doctor, it has remained the same at its core.

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