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Doctor Who fan community for BIPOC by BIPOC that centers, celebrates, and supports BIPOC fans and creators.

We exist at the intersection of multiple, oft-marginalized identities and that is reflected in who we choose uplift and hold space for. #WhoFUBU is a community for fans of Doctor Who come from historically-excluded communities, including: BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Disabled* and all intersections therein. It is a fandom within a fandom that centers and prioritizes BIPOC voices and experiences.


  • Provide a safe space for BIPOC within the larger Doctor Who fandom.
  • Facilitate connection between fan creators of color.
  • Create and promote Doctor Who fan content made for us by us.
  • Uplift and support Doctor Who fans of color who are advocates for social justice both inside and outside of fan spaces.

What This Is

#WhoFUBU is an inclusive space that prioritizes Doctor Who fans of color.

If you identify as Black/BAME, Indigenous, and/or POC this space is for you. If you are a part of other marginalized or historically-excluded communities—LGBTQIA+, Disabled—this space is for you. If you are white, this space is not for you but you are welcome to join if you acknowledge that:

A space that is not for you is not a space that you are excluded from. It is a space where you should observe before engaging and actively work to decenter yourself.

What This Is Not

  • A space to reinforce unfair power dynamics or perpetuate racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and other bigotry. We enter this space as equals and are expected to engage as such.
  • A space to be shielded from valid criticism. We hold members of the community accountable for problematic or harmful behavior and engage in good faith.
  • A space to shill. Please do not treat this space as a target for advertising or spam.


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