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Welcome to Black TARDIS! Here is the introduction. Below are the rules of engagement for this website and all social media. Violators will be: read for filth, mocked, muted, or blocked.

  • No Martha Jones defamation
  • No Mickey Smith defamation
  • No Bill Potts defamation
  • No Danny Pink defamation1
  • No Ryan Sinclair defamation
  • No Yazmin Khan defamation
  • This is a Grace Stan account
  • This is a Ruth!Doctor Stan Account
  • Fugitive Doctor is a MAJOR character!
  • No Rose Noble defamation
  • NO Fifteen defamation!!!
  • Absolutely zero tolerance for disrespect towards the performers2

You don’t have to like or agree with me, but please: Respect me, this space, and the people who feel seen and reflected here. This is an inclusive space—all are welcome—but it is a space that centers the feelings, experiences, and perspectives of BIPOC. Some of what is discussed here will NOT be FOR you. Feel free to engage but be cognizant of the above.

If you:

  • Are Black, POC, BAME, LGBTQIA+, Disabled
  • Write or podcast about Doctor Who and/or its fandom
  • Do other creative or advocacy work in Doctor Who fandom

Please reach out to me! I want to spotlight and connect Whovians of Color (and other historically-excluded identities).

1 This does not apply to Black folks, hosts of TARBIS, my personal friends, and people I agree with.
2 Holding performers accountable for bad behavior or causing harm is fair and acceptable.

Here is the OG Rules tweet thread.

Attn: Whovians of Color

Current as of: 02/23/22