I’m going to Gally1!

I’m not sure why I’ve been so quiet on the subject, but this will be my first year attending Gallifrey One! As long as I’ve been a fan of Who I’ve wanted to go to Gally, but I’d never been able to make it work. Last year, I joined the Black Girls Create community where I met many other WOC nerds and Whovians like myself. There, I was introduced to Joy, who made it possible for me to go. ☺️

She also encouraged me to sign up for panels and I’m excited — and nervous — to announce, that I am on TWO! I am shaking. I have never been a panelist (tho I am an avid panel-watcher) and I really went into it thinking “you tried and that’s enough” so I was wholly unprepared to have to… prepare. I have been calmly panicking since I found out.

The panels I’ll be at!

I am nervous because the entire experience is uncharted for me. I’ve never been to a new con alone and I’ve never been on a panel. I don’t know what to expect in general, and I don’t know how well I’ll be able to navigate these new experiences. But I am excited!

I’m really excited to meet Joy in person! And Tai! And I hope I can meet even more Whovians — Esp POC / LGTBQ+ — to share in this universe with. I’ll do my best to be prepared but I am open to tips and advice, so feel free to comment here or tweet at me!

See you at Gally!

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