Considering Critical Whovian

On May 12, 2013 I created a blog on Tumblr called Critical Whovian which, as its title suggests, is entirely dedicated to criticizing Doctor Who. As of this writing, it is still live, but I have been debating on whether to delete it. That blog was born out of my deep disappointment with the show post season 4 and is largely full of ire toward Steven Moffat. That said, I feel like it captured in real-time my growing frustration with the direction the show had gone.

I haven’t engaged with it much recently, but I find some value in the opinions I expressed there. I’ve considered republishing some of those posts here because they still feel true and relevant. My only hesitation is that I had a tendency toward antagonism. And though I actively avoided making personal attacks, I understand that some people still felt attacked. Frankly, I could be an asshole.

And I can still be an asshole. When I think about the ways in which the writing has disappointed me, I do get in my feelings and rant about it. When I am live-tweeting an episode and am reminded of a way a story or character was ruined for me,  I do go off on tangents. I sometimes reply to people with snark and sarcasm. As funny and random as I can be, I can also get touchy. But I think that is, in part, why people follow me. Because I’m passionate about the show and express my feelings about it candidly.

So, I want to be true to my feelings and (re)share some of the things I’ve already written on Critical Whovian. But I don’t want to lean too heavy into “hate” or focus solely on the aspects of the show I didn’t like. And I guess I just wrote this to make sense of it all. I just want to bring more interest and value to this space.

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