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I just want to thank you.

I’ve found a small and ever growing community of followers and friends on Twitter. It’s been fun and interesting, and somewhat surreal to share my thoughts and have people relate to and respond to them. I’ve felt warmly welcomed among other Doctor Who fan-creators.  The amazing women behind Black Girls Create and TARBIS have been incredibly accepting and awesome. Joy has been so supportive and helpful. I am finding new people all the time to share in my Doctor Who love and frustration.

I enjoy all of our conversations. I love reading your stories, listening to your suggestions, and debating on which Doctor is Most Dramatic (Ten). I appreciate everyone who takes the time to answer my questions, and I see every like, reply, and retweet. I’m especially happy when y’all find me and immediately jump into the threads, dropping gifs, making jokes and reminding me that there are people who just get it.

I’ve never really thought that my opinion or my voice was valued, so it means a lot that there are people who find something worthwhile in what I have to say. Thank you! I hope I can continue to do what I love — watch TV and tweet — and build an even larger community of diverse Whovians who bring their unique intersections of identity and experience to our shared appreciation of the show.